Sell that Inherited House and Buy a Vacation Home

Do you want long days on the lake? Hikes in the woods? A place with a view that is out of this world, or maybe out of this country? If you’ve dreamed of owning a vacation home, you probably have a specific vision in mind.

Selling an inherited house can bring that vacation home dream within reach.

If you’ve recently inherited a house, you’ve probably considered all the options like keeping the house, renting it out, or selling it. These different options can make sense for different situations. Selling an inherited house for the specific purpose of buying a vacation home can be a life-changer for you and your loved ones, as a vacation home can bring joy for many years to come.

Here’s why you should consider selling your inherited house to buy a vacation home:

Reason 1: Enjoy more frequent, flexible vacations.

When you own a vacation home, it’s easy to take last-minute vacations. You don’t have to worry about finding a rental (or about paying $150 per night plus cleaning fees). Since you put time and money into your vacation home, you’ll want to make the most of it. You’ll probably end up vacationing more frequently. If you work remotely, you can even spend weeks there at a time!

Reason 2: Have a place to gather and make memories.

There’s nothing like having a special place to return to over and over, building memories all the while. Whether you host extended family reunions or have your best friends over for a long weekend every summer, you’ll enjoy spending extra time with the people you love. If you’re feeling particularly generous, you can even offer the use of your vacation home to friends who need a little getaway for their own families.

Reason 3: Have something to pass on to your kids.

A vacation home passed down from generation to generation is such a gift. There’s something special about spending summers in the same cabin as you grow up and then become an adult. If you do have kids, they’ll most likely love the opportunity to continue family vacation traditions. Of course, since real estate is a solid investment, you’d also be passing down something of significant monetary value.

Reason 4: You can rent it out to pay the mortgage.

When you own a vacation home, it opens up a new potential source of income. By renting out your vacation home when you aren’t using it, it can earn you extra income. However, we do want to note that you shouldn’t take this on casually; the vacation rental market is competitive, so only plan to get into this if you have the time, skills, and desire.

Reason 5: You don’t have to worry about fixing up your inherited home.

If you keep your inherited home for yourself or to rent out, you’ll have to fix it up and possibly also update it. When you sell an inherited house to buy a vacation home, you don’t have to do any repairs and easier upkeep.

To sell an inherited house you may think you’ll have to fix it up to get it on the market, but there’s a much easier way to sell. When you sell to MarketPro Homebuyers, you don’t have to do any repairs or upgrades.

Work with MarketPro:

We’ll give you a fast cash offer for your inherited home just as it is now; no repairs, no upgrades, no inspection, no commissions or fees. You can even choose your exact closing date to coordinate perfectly with the purchase of your vacation home. Our team will walk you through your quote, including a review of what your home would likely bring on the open market.

If you’re in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Florida , we’d love to show you how easy and stress-free the sales process can be. Contact us today for a same-day, no-pressure quote.

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