Does Your House Bring You Joy?

That first cup of coffee, a peaceful sunset, playing with kids or grandchildren… is your house on the list of things that bring you joy? Our homes are no small part of our lives; they influence how we feel on a daily basis. If your home isn’t bringing you joy, it may be time to […]

Sell that Inherited House and Buy a Vacation Home

Do you want long days on the lake? Hikes in the woods? A place with a view that is out of this world, or maybe out of this country? If you’ve dreamed of owning a vacation home, you probably have a specific vision in mind. Selling an inherited house can bring that vacation home dream […]

How to Get Cash for Your Dream Home

Finding your dream home is hard; finding the cash to buy it can seem even harder. If you’re serious about raising the cash you need for your dream home, you need to maximize the money you make off the sale of your current home. You can do this by getting the best price for your […]