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Meet the Team

A Team Built For You

We don't just buy homes, we make it easy for you to move on

Jeanette Winton
Jeanette Winton

Jeanette sets the direction and vision for MarketPro Homebuyers. Her quick thinking, and innate ability to understand the market and consumer needs are the foundation of her success.

Dan Bronstein
Danny Bronstein

As Co-Founder and Partner at MarketPro Homebuyers, Danny provides a wealth of renovation and home buying experience that is essential to the company. Danny’s ability to work with homeowners is second to none.

Robin Bogin
Robin Bogin
Chief Operating Officer

Robin is responsible for the overall company operations and oversees implementation of new endeavors across all departments. She works tirelessly to ensure that every homeowner is taken care of.

Ray Falchek
Ray Falchek
Homebuying Specialist

Ray makes selling your home easy and stress free. With a broad background in sales and marketing across multiple industries, Ray understands the importance of stellar customer service.