Selling Washington, DC Investment Properties Without Paying High Commissions

Do you want to sell a property in the Washington, DC area without using a real estate agent? We can help! And, we can help you save on commissions.

Why skip the commission?

When you use a real estate agent, you’ll pay somewhere between 3% and 6% of the sale of the property in a commission. While some realtors and brokers are completely worth the money, that isn’t always the case! Sometimes, it just ends up being money down the drain.

In addition, as the seller, you’re paying money to the buyer’s real estate broker as well as your own. Basically, you’re paying for services that someone else used, not you.

How can I avoid paying high commissions in the Washington, DC area?

Here are some methods for avoiding high commissions on Washington, DC real estate.

Find a savvy buyer who understands that money can be saved by skipping the real estate agent.

Sometimes, you can find another real estate investor and sell directly to them instead of working with a traditional buyer.

Consider offering 2.5% to local real estate agents who bring you clients.

Sometimes, this is the price you have to pay to find a good buyer. While you’d probably prefer to save that money, it can be a good way to get started.

Pay a flat fee to market your property on the MLS without getting a full-service seller’s agent.

Many Washington, DC real estate agents are now offering flat fee a la carte services. This is great if you want to go the FSBO route and still list your property with a professional listing service. The MLS will open up the pool of potential buyers and give you a much better chance of finding the perfect person to buy your home.

Go FSBO and market your property well.

If you’re not going to pay a realtor to market your property and you’re going to sell it yourself, you’ll need some marketing skills. You’ll want to hire a good photographer to take pictures for your listings and ads. You’ll have to pay for ads online, in your local paper, and/or in print, and you may have to host open houses.

Avoid commissions by selling to MarketPro Homebuyers for cash!

This is probably the easiest way to avoid high commissions! Not only will you walk away with a fair price for your property, but you’ll get the full selling price in cash—allowing you to turn around and immediately invest that money in your next venture. You’ll completely bypass commissions and you’ll save time. You can pick your ideal closing date instead of waiting around for an interested buyer to come along.

Plus, we’ll take homes in any condition, we give you a comprehensive quote that lets you know our offer vs. what you’d get from an agent, and we’re here to help you through every step of the selling process. Interested in selling Washington, DC investment properties to us and avoiding the commissions? Give us a call today—we’re here to help!

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