5 Benefits of Buying a Home in an HOA Community

5 Benefits of Buying a Home in an HOA Community

Do you have a good perception of HOAs? Many people have a negative view of homeowners associations because there are monthly fees, rules, and restrictions when it comes to landscaping, remodeling, and more. However, there are also benefits to living in a neighborhood with a well-managed HOA. Here are some of the top benefits of buying a home in an HOA community.

1. A Potential for Less Maintenance & Fewer Responsibilities

Depending on the community you live in, your HOA might take care of a lot of the maintenance work on and around your property. In a neighborhood where you have your own yard, this might not apply—but if you live in a condo community, outdoor maintenance is likely to be included as part of your HOA fees. Some HOAs take care of the following tasks for residents:

  • Lawn care
  • Outdoor painting and maintenance
  • Roof repairs
  • Snow removal
  • Pest control
  • Trash removal
  • Tree/shrub trimming

This is wonderful for anyone who doesn’t enjoy outdoor maintenance or who is physically unable to complete these tasks. You won’t have to worry about doing these tasks or hiring them out, they’ll just be done for you! Of course, before you move to any home with an HOA, you should be clear on what the HOA does and does not take care of.

2. Great Amenities, Managed For You

Most HOAs have shared neighborhood amenities! This might include parks, swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness centers, or clubhouses. When you have these shared amenities, you can benefit from them without spending the time and money of having your own. For example, if you have your own pool, it’s time-consuming and costly to maintain—but if your HOA manages a pool, you can use it whenever you want without every worrying about maintenance.

3. Peace Throughout the Neighborhood

Even the nicest neighbors can get into disagreements. If your neighbors are throwing loud parties, blocking your driveway, or letting their pets wreak havoc, you just have to let your homeowners association know and they’ll do their best to resolve the conflict as peacefully as possible.

4. A Beautiful Place for Your Family to Live

One of the major benefits of an HOA is, of course, that your neighborhood will look good. The association will make sure your neighborhood’s property values stay high by keeping all exteriors looking nice. As you drive through the neighborhood, you’ll notice that everyone’s houses and lawns are well-maintained. All the homes will maintain a similar aesthetic appeal without clashing with one another.

5. More Potential to Get to Know Your Neighbors

Many people never really get to know their neighbors. But often, in an HOA community, it’s easier to mingle with your neighbors and maybe even make some great new friends. You can spend time with neighbors at the shared locations, like the neighborhood pool or park. And, if you ever serve on the board of the HOA or attend meetings, you’ll definitely get to know some people nearby. (P.S. If you aren’t interested in getting to know your neighbors, you don’t have to—you can still keep to yourself!)

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