Seniors Selling or Downsizing – Tips

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Considering Downsizing and Worried About Selling Your Old House?

Growing older has some unique perks, and  probably ranking at the top is the wisdom of doing less and enjoying more. As we look toward our golden years, that wisdom often tells us we no longer want as much house to maintain and might want to sell or downsize on our old house. If you’re planning to downsize, read on for tips on making it a smooth transition so you can spend less time working and more time playing.

Sensible Ideas
We often equate wisdom with age, and that’s because experience is a great teacher. After years of home ownership, keeping up with maintenance, landscaping, and cleaning, many seniors consider selling or downsizing for their golden years. Some research shows that although our bodies don’t perform the way they once did, we learn to value time and energy more, doing things we enjoy and savoring all life has to offer. In these important ways, downsizing makes good sense.

Property Particulars
One of the many advantages of downsizing can be finding a property well-suited to aging in place. An open floor plan, single-story living, and a handful of senior-friendly features can go a long way toward keeping you safe and comfortable as you grow older. When you’re looking at properties, an aging-in-place checklist can help you sort out details to find the ideal one for your needs. So, examine each property for what it offers, and consider simple upgrades if you find one that’s well-suited to your general needs. Take some time to think about how much you can afford as well. Homes in Rockville have been selling at a median price of around $444K, so make sure such a large expenditure fits your budget. When considering selling or downsizing, always make a sketch or visualize your budget.

Upgrades and Ideas
Finding a home with everything you want is rare. Often times, it’s necessary to adjust a property somewhat, particularly for aging in place. Thankfully, there are some inexpensive options available, especially if you find a home with good bones. For instance, adding a few things like grab bars (the average cost nationally to install grab bars is $140) and bathmats can make bathrooms easier to navigate, and ensuring level, well-lit entryways can keep you coming and going safely. Flooring is another worthwhile consideration. Some flooring types are more senior-friendly than others, such as cork, vinyl, and carpet, and you might want to make changes before you move your furniture into the new home.

Do Some Decluttering
Seniors who are planning on selling or downsizing, it’s typically necessary to do some decluttering. Think of it as an opportunity so you have less to move, and to ease navigation in your new home. Extra belongings can equate to slipping and tripping hazards, so consider cutting back on things like unnecessary furniture, area rugs, reading material, and knick-knacks. As a bonus, you’ll have less stuff to clean around, so it’ll make housekeeping that much easier.

Hire Good Help
Hiring a moving company, for seniors considering selling or downsizing, can spare your knees and back some heavy work. However, it’s important to note that there are a number of moving scams out there. Be alert to red flags, such as an amazingly low estimate, an exorbitant deposit, or providing false references. Research potential movers in the Rockville area carefully, and avoid any who appear to be fly-by-night companies. Downsizing can be challenging, but it could easily turn into the best thing you ever did for yourself. Look for a location you’re going to love and a home that will help you stay safe and happy. Your golden years could be the best ever with choices aimed toward lightening your workload and encouraging your well-being.

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