Yes, You Can Sell Your House During the Holidays

Historically, people think of the holidays as being a bad time to sell a house. Some sellers even remove their listing until after the new year. This idea, though, is outdated! The holidays can actually be a great time to find the right buyer.

Here are four reasons you shouldn’t hesitate to sell your home during this holiday season:

Reason 1: Inventory is still low.

The real estate market has been facing inventory challenges for quite a while now. Supply has gone up a bit, but it’s still low. This means there isn’t a ton of competition! When there are fewer homes available for purchase, yours is more likely to sell quickly and for your desired price. With a move-in ready house, it’s a no-brainer for buyers to put in a solid offer.  

Reason 2: Rates have lowered a bit from historic highs.

Rates have gone down, and mortgage applications have increased. Affordability has been a huge problem for many buyers recently, but that eases somewhat when rates move lower. Rates are still high, but any downward movement in rates brings some additional buyers to the market. When more potential buyers enter the market, your chances of a good sale improve.

Reason 3: Winter buyers are serious buyers.

People who look at homes during the holidays tend to be very serious buyers! During the rest of the year, you’ll likely get some curious neighbors or people who aren’t truly qualified to buy. During the holidays, though, people aren’t going to be looking at houses unless they’re actually interested and ready to make an offer, as there’s so much else to do at this time of year.

Investopedia agrees: “Anyone shopping for a new home between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is likely going to be a serious buyer. Putting your home on the market at this time of year and attracting a serious buyer can often result in a quicker sale.”

Reason 4: Holiday decorations are great for staging.

We’re not suggesting you completely cover your home with decorations, but a few carefully-chosen holiday decorations can really leave a cheerful and cozy impression on potential buyers. It helps people imagine themselves in your home during the holidays, gathering with family and friends. You can also add seasonal touches like cozy throw blankets and seasonal candles.

If getting your home ready for a holiday sale sounds like too much—especially if your home is distressed—know that there’s an easier way! Rather than repairing, cleaning, staging, and listing your home, you can sell to a cash buyer like MarketPro Homebuyers. We’ll give you a fast cash offer for your home—no matter the condition. You may wonder:

“Can I sell my house if it needs new siding?”

“Can I sell my house if it needs all new appliances?”

“Can I sell my house if it needs a new roof?”

Absolutely! We buy homes in any condition, no matter what kind of repairs are needed. We’re always here as a resource for a quick sale, no matter the season.

Work with MarketPro:

We’ll give you a fast cash offer for your current home just as it is now; no repairs, no upgrades, no inspection, no commissions or fees. You can even choose your exact closing date. Our team will walk you through your quote, including a review of what your home would likely bring on the open market.

If you’re in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania or Florida, we’d love to show you how easy and stress-free the sales process can be. Contact us today for a same-day, no-pressure quote.

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