Three Ways You Can Use Your Home Equity

One of the many benefits of owning a home is building equity. When home prices are rising, your home becomes an automatic savings account. If you’ve owned your home for a few years, you likely have significant equity—even if your home is distressed. Equity grows over time as you pay down your loan while your home value grows. Since home prices have gone up so much in the last few years, many people are sitting on record amounts of equity. According to CoreLogic’s latest data, the average U.S. homeowner now has about $290,000 in equity.

If you’re in a similar situation and you’re wondering how to make your equity work for you, here are three main options you might want to consider:

1: Follow your dreams.

Have you always dreamed about starting a business? Putting your child through college or grad school? Buying an investment property? You can use your equity to fund whatever’s important to you through a home equity line of credit. This, of course, does need to be paid back, so it’s best to stick to uses that are a positive investment in some way.

2: Improve your current home.

Has your family grown, making your current home feel too small? Consider an addition. Have you really gotten into cooking the last few years? Maybe a kitchen upgrade is a good move. Do you have failing appliances, or a roof that’s leaking or about to? Replace these before they become a real problem. Your home equity can be used to help fund any of these improvements.

One quick caveat: When considering this, make sure to look at the long-term ROI of potential upgrades. Some upgrades will come back to you with a higher home value in an eventual sale, while others may not. If your home is distressed and needs a lot of repairs, this may not be the best use of your home equity; selling may be a better option.

3: Buy your dream home.

If your current home no longer fits your life or just needs too many repairs, it might be time to look for your next home. Using your equity to put a large downpayment on a new home can be a great way to avoid PMI and lessen the impact of high interest rates. If you’re downsizing, this is especially true.

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