Summer Selling Tips

Summer is a great time to sell a house. With so many daylight hours remaining after work, people are eager to get out and look for their dream home! It’s also the perfect time of year to showcase some of the best features of your home. If you’re planning to sell this summer, here are 5 tips for making your home more attractive to potential buyers:

Tip 1: Focus on curb appeal.

First impressions really do matter. Make sure to maximize your curb appeal by freshening up your landscaping. Have your bushes trimmed, your lawn mowed, and some bright flowers on display. You should also clean the exterior of your home, wash your windows, and make sure the entrance and pathways are well-lit. A trendy paint color on the front door can be very appealing! Lastly, make sure your house numbers are clearly visible on your mailbox or the front of your home.

Tip 2: Create an impactful entry.

Don’t forget the other first impression: your entryway! Creating an impactful entryway is a simple way to get people to fall in love with your home. 2023 home design trends favor bold colors and furnishings in an entryway. You don’t want to go too wild when you’re selling, but do consider adding some pops of color and visual contrast. Consider adding one or more substantial art pieces to really draw buyers in.

Tip 3: Don’t forget the details.

Of course, you’ll have any major repairs done long before listing. When it’s almost time to sell, make sure to focus on the details! A fresh coat of paint on walls, baseboards, and door frames works wonders. Fix any burnt-out lightbulbs, dripping faucets, and windows that are hard to open; any small repairs you do will make your home look well-cared for, which makes buyers more comfortable putting in an offer.

Tip 4: Stage for summer.

Seasonal staging is so much fun! You can put some colorful throw pillows on your couches, burn some seasonally-scented candles like fresh linen or summer berry scents, and replace any heavy window coverings with light, airy options. This kind of staging will ensure potential buyers can see themselves relaxing in your home on a pleasant summer evening. Set your air conditioning and fans to make sure your home is cool and comfortable during showings!

Tip 5: Stage outdoor living areas.

Outdoor living areas are in high demand right now. Make sure yours is clean and ready for guests. Put out citronella candles or other insect control so that potential buyers can sit outside and enjoy the view—and hopefully discuss how much they love your home! If you don’t have an outdoor living area set up yet, consider staging one with some comfortable outdoor furniture and a few plants, at minimum.

By following these 5 tips, you’ll make your home more appealing to potential buyers and be well on your way to a successful sale.

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