Every House Has a Story: MarketPro Homebuyers Teams Up with CarePatrol to Help Prevent Senior Homelessness

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Anyone who has ever helped a parent or elder relative transition to assisted living knows how difficult this process can be. Reaching out to resources in your community can really help you shoulder this burden. Fortunately for those of us living in the D.C. Metro Area, organizations like CarePatrol and MarketPro Homebuyers are able to provide the support and assistance seniors and their families need to transition to new living accommodations happily and safely.

Community Assistance for Senior Transitioning

CarePatrol is that nation’s largest senior care placement and assistance service, and they have helped countless families find the long-term housing that their loved ones deserve. They work with older adults and their families around the country, helping them find assisted living arrangements that suit their individual needs.

In the D.C. Metro Area, CarePatrol franchise owner Bonnie Danker supports elder communities who need help transitioning to more appropriate living arrangements. These transitions are often necessary due to health concerns common among seniors – and in some circumstances, the help that CarePatrol professionals and others in their network provide means the difference between a comfortable retirement and the heartbreak of homelessness.

Avoiding the Heartbreak of Senior Homelessness

CarePatrol first reached out to MarketPro Homebuyers when they began working to help an elder gentleman in the D.C. Metro Area. This particular individual was dealing with escalating medical conditions that made it impossible for him to continue living in his home alone. His disabilities made regular home maintenance activities unmanageable, and his home was quickly becoming uninhabitable from lack of upkeep. Even worse, he had recently been hospitalized due to a severe medical condition, and his financial situation limited his options for long-term care.

The combined stress of health issues and financial challenges are trials that many seniors know all too well, and this situation was growing more dire by the day. The man who had reached out to CarePatrol needed to transition from the hospital to long-term care, as it was no longer safe for him to live alone. However, he could not afford to transition into long-term care without cash from the sale of his home. CarePatrol reached out to MarketPro to see if we could find a solution for this challenging situation, and we rose to the occasion.

Making a difficult situation easier for everyone

MarketPro Homebuyers was able to connect with the senior in need and his caretakers right away. In just a matter of days, we were able to provide the gentleman with the cash he needed from his home sale to afford moving into assisted living. We even helped him pack and move his cherished valuables and clean unwanted objects from his home – all free of charge.

MarketPro cares deeply about our customers, and we loved the opportunity to work with CarePatrol. And when asked about what it was like to work with us, the CarePatrol representative who was leading the charge was succinct: “My experience was wonderful from the start!”

All the way from the initial outreach through to the MarketPro representative going out to meet with the homeowner and his guardian, the compassionate people at CarePatrol found our working relationship to be pleasant, professional, effective, and empathetic. “The promptness was amazing, the response was on-point, everyone was very professional, and they kept me abreast of every step along the way,” explained Danker. She went on to add that “the feedback from the family that we were working with was extremely positive.”

MarketPro Homebuyer’s Commitment to Compassion

MarketPro Homebuyers has earned our place at the top of our field by going above and beyond for our clients. We don’t just help people sell their homes quickly, we provide the assistance they need to move forward into the next chapter of their lives. Whether this means putting down a fair cash offer on a home that has fallen into disrepair, packing and moving cherished possessions, or helping seniors transition into assisted living, we go the extra mile to make sure our clients are happy and comfortable.

“Thanks for what you do, you’re really saving a lot of people’s lives,” says Danker. “And in this gentleman’s case, without the help of your organization selling his home, his other option was to go into a shelter. So it was very, very impactful and we really appreciate having you as a resource for our company.”

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with CarePatrol, and we are always looking for ways to help our elder community and others in need find the housing solutions they deserve. If you or your family could use some help downsizing, relocating, or any other life transition that would be moved along better through a quick home sale, please reach out to us. We’re here to help.

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