Isolation During COVID-19 Is Challenging for Seniors

Gail Hubberman

In the era of the coronavirus pandemic, it has become harder for the elderly to receive the care and attention they are accustomed to and need. Social distancing has meant limited exposure to caregivers and family members. And the isolation can be challenging, especially for those who may be facing other adverse health effects.

We all experience a moment where we wish we were closer to our susceptible and high-risk family and friends so that we can take care of them and support them. However, that is not exactly possible in these trying times, nor if you live states away. In these trying times, MarketPro Homebuyers is here to help.

This week, we are highlighting a story from Gail Hubberman, our Business Development Manager. Gail works to implement MarketPro Homebuyers partnering program and focuses specifically on the needs of elder care networks. Hear from Gail herself in the video below:

Our Team Supports Senior Transitions

Gail shares a story of a recent client who came to her at a referral from the client’s attorney. The client was concerned for his father’s health and wanted to better care for him during this pandemic.

The client decided to move his father from his home in Silver Spring, Maryland to Florida, where the client lives. However, the client did not know what to do with the home, or all of his father’s belongings that they left behind in the move. Here is where MarketPro stepped in to save the day!

The client was thankful for “not hav[ing] to deal with or worry about anything regarding his father’s property.” Gail says that the client “has his father now in Florida where he is close to him and can take care of him.”

MarketPro Homebuyers – a Name That Professionals Trust!

The client’s lawyer was the person who referred this particular individual to Gail. The attorney knew that Gail and the rest of the MarketPro Homebuyers team cares deeply about their customers, so the lawyer could make the referral knowing this client would be in good hands.

Once Gail learned about the client’s situation, she worked with the client to sell his father’s home. MarketPro Homebuyers sent their moving company to the father’s home and the company video called with the client’s father. Gail tells us that together they “went through his property and he picked out all the items they wanted us to ship down to him,” virtually and with safe social distancing.

Within a couple of weeks, the man’s family was able to close on his property. MarketPro Homebuyers was happy to work on their timeline and ensure everyone’s needs were met. We even helped the elderly gentleman settle into his new home, happily covering the costs of his move. 

MarketPro Homebuyers Can Assist You

Sadly, this story is not totally unique. COVID-19 has disrupted countless lives, and still others are dealing with making difficult life transitions under challenging circumstances. MarketPro Homebuyers deals with things like this often, and we are here to help you and those you love in time of need. If you or someone you know is looking to make new arrangements for an elderly family or friend, reach out to MarketPro Homebuyers. We can help anyone make a fast and easy transition into new safe and healthy living accommodations – call us today!

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