Is Your House Retro or Dated?

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Is your house retro or dated? With home trends constantly changing, it’s a tough question. And if you’re selling your home, it’s important to know which aspects of your home will appeal to people and which won’t.

As one of the top companies that buy houses in Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Florida , we see a lot of homes. We buy homes fast here at MarketPro Homebuyers and we know which styles fall into the “retro” category—styles that have come back and are cool again—and which fall into the “dated” category—those styles that should never come back.

So, we put together a little game for you. Below we’ve listed a few home features that are either retro or dated. Before you read our answer, try to guess whether the style is coming back or whether it should stay in history. And no peeking!

      1. Conversation pits: These recessed living room areas were designed to facilitate socializing. When your guests are practically forced to sit together, they can’t help but talk! ‘60s and ‘70s conversation pits featured bright patterns, plush carpet, and comfy couches with big pillows. Now, conversation pits are coming back into style. The modern conversation pit is a bit cleaner and more minimalistic. If your conversation pit is older, update it with neutral tones and modern flooring. Answer… RETRO.
      2. The kitchen desk: Created because of the ‘90s kitchen landline, the kitchen desk no longer has a purpose. With landlines being close to obsolete, we’re not stuck in the kitchen while taking a call. And especially now in the world of remote working, your desk needs to be in its own space. If you have a kitchen desk in your home, pull it out. Consider using the space for a coffee or wine bar. Answer… DATED.
      3. Corner jacuzzi tub: These huge bathroom features were a ‘80s and ‘90s symbol of success and relaxation. Now, they’re a sure sign of a dated bathroom. As we all found out, these corner tubs are noisy, require way more cleaning due to the jets, and are expensive to fix if they break. If you still have one in your home, we recommend replacing it with a freestanding tub. Clawfoot tubs in particular are hot! Answer… DATED.
      4. Wood paneling: In the ‘60s and ‘70s, wood paneling was all the rage. It went out of style for quite a while, but in 2021 it’s made a return as a way to add texture and interest to a room. Newer wood paneling often uses slimmer slats, but you can make your old wood paneling look retro and on-trend by making sure the rest of the room is updated. Answer… RETRO.
      5. Popcorn ceilings: Not all texture is good, though. Popcorn ceilings—or any other type of textured ceilings, for that matter—are definitely out. They don’t look good, they collect dust, and they get discolored overtime. Some contain asbestos, so they can be expensive to fix (if you hire a professional) or dangerous to fix (if you do it yourself). If you don’t want your house to look dated, your popcorn ceilings really have to go. Answer… DATED.
      6. Door mail slot: You know those old-fashioned mail slots? For areas with walk up mail service, mail slots are coming back into style. They’re more secure and convenient than a normal mailbox, and they add vintage charm. If your home has a mail slot, keep it! Answer… RETRO.
      7. Carpet everywhere: Carpet isn’t all bad—it can be comfortable and great for kids. But we have to let you know: all-over carpet is one surefire way to make your home look dated. Especially if you have bathroom carpeting—rip that up if you’re trying to sell! Carpet harbors bacteria and is more prone to mold than solid flooring. We suggest replacing carpet with hardwood or luxury vinyl planks. Answer… DATED.
      8. Tile Countertops: Popular in the ‘70s and ‘80s, tile countertops are not coming back. They’re difficult to clean, susceptible to stains and bacteria, and prone to chipping. There are plenty of countertop options that look nicer and are easier to clean and maintain. If you really want to be trendy, replace your tile countertops with marble. Answer… DATED.

That’s our list for now. How’d you do?

If you’re selling an older home, you should know that people will buy homes that are retro. Companies that buy houses will buy homes that are retro or dated.

Hopefully you’ve gotten a good idea of which aspects of your home are retro and should be kept, and which are dated and should be changed before putting your home on the market.

And of course, if you’re selling and don’t want to deal with updates, we’d love to help! As we mentioned, we buy homes fast and can probably get you the information you need for a quote for your property in the amount of time it took to read this article!

At MarketPro Homebuyers, we buy homes in any condition with no repairs, no inspection, no realtor fees, and provide a fast closing. We can get you out of your dated home and into your dream home quickly and without stress. We’ll even help you move! Get started with an instant quote, and see how easy the moving process can be.

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