How to Stage Your Home For a Quick Sale

First impressions really do matter, and staging can make or break a home sale!

If you want a successful sale, it’s important to stage properly. This is especially true in today’s market; buyers are starting to become more discerning as the market cools. If you’re planning to sell your house in 2024, read on for instructions on staging your home!

Step 1: Declutter and Clean

Donate or throw away things you don’t need, and put into storage things you don’t need now like off-season clothing, extra kitchen appliances, and family photos. A solid decluttering makes your home look larger, and it also makes it easier for buyers to imagine living in your home. After you declutter, it’ll be easier to deep clean your home top to bottom!

Step 2: Define Spaces

Each room should have a single, defined purpose. It doesn’t matter if the buyers don’t use every room the way it’s staged; the goal is just to show the buyer how to maximize the square footage of the house. You can even stage little nooks or alcoves! You may be able to get by using your current furniture, but you can also rent furniture if necessary.

Step 3: Freshen Up

Add a new coat of paint to your walls! You might try a paint color of the year for an updated look. Pair that with some beautiful artwork, a few living plants or fresh cut flowers, and some inviting accent pillows and throw blankets. Don’t overdo it—you don’t want your home to look cluttered—but some fresh decorating touches can make your home look cozy and inviting.

Step 4: Boost Your Curb Appeal

Clean your siding, trim the landscaping, and add new, easy-to-read address numbers to your front door! You might also consider adding some exterior lighting in case potential buyers drive by at dusk. Consider a fresh coat of paint on your front door or shutters. You can add some colorful annual flowers for that extra pop.

After you complete this list, your home should be ready to wow any potential buyers! If your home is distressed, though, staging alone will not be enough to get buyers interested.

Selling A Distressed House

Before you can even start staging a distressed house, you’ll have to do any necessary repairs and updates. This can mean investing a massive amount of time and money. If your home needs major repairs or updates that don’t typically have a good ROI, like new siding, you may have to invest money that doesn’t come back to you in the sale. In cases like this, selling your house as-is for cash can be a much better solution!

If you’re in this situation, we’d love to be your resource for a quick, easy sale at MarketPro Homebuyers. You may ask:

“Can I sell my house as-is if the foundation needs repairs?”

“Can I sell my house as-is if it hasn’t been updated in years?”

“Can I sell my house as-is if it needs a new roof?”

Yes, absolutely! When we say “as-is,” we mean it.

Work With MarketPro

We’ll give you a fast cash offer for your current home just as it is now; no repairs, no upgrades, no inspection, no commissions or fees. You can even choose your exact closing date. Our team will walk you through your quote, including a review of what your home would likely bring on the open market.

If you’re in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania or Florida, we’d love to show you how easy and stress-free the sales process can be. Contact us today for a same-day, no-pressure quote.

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