Every House Has a Story: Helping Clients Navigate the Unexpected

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes, circumstances will burden us with just minor bumps in the road, but other times they can dramatically change our course of lives. Life got complicated quickly for one MarketPro Homebuyers customer who came to us after the tragic loss of her husband. Hear her story in the video below:

Although no one can predict the future, having the proper resources and support systems help us navigate any challenge that comes our way. MarketPro Homebuyers is proud to be a part of the housing resource marketplace in the DMV, and we are especially happy whenever we get the chance to help one of our customers regain the security we all need to feel safe and at home.

Starting a New Chapter

After suddenly and tragically losing her husband, one woman’s entire life was turned upside down. Her husband was the primary financial supporter for their family of six. One day while driving down the same highways so many of us frequent in the D.C. Metro Area, the man was murdered – shot to death from a passing car. He died within minutes.

After his death, the bereaved wife was left with not just the emotional loss of her life partner, but also the challenge of adapting to bearing the financial burden of caring for their home and four children. Unable to afford the cost, she contemplated selling her house. It was the first home the couple bought together, and it was filled with cherished memories of her husband and family. Although she knew she had to downsize, she was afraid. She didn’t want potential buyers, real estate agents, or other strangers coming in and out of her home so soon after experiencing such a major trauma. She wanted a better option. And with the help of MarketPro Homebuyers, she found one.

“I prayed, to God I prayed to show me what to do, because I can’t go through this with a real estate agent,” the surviving spouse explained. “People coming in and out of the house, I just couldn’t while still going through the challenges of losing someone.” One day, she saw the smiling face of MarketPro Homebuyer’s Co-Founder Danny Bronstein on a local television program, and she called us. By the end of the day, she had connected with MarketPro Homebuyers and found the care she needed to help guide her through her home sale and move on to her next chapter of life.

Home Sales with Care and Compassion

The new widow turned to MarketPro Homebuyers to assist her in a fast and painless sale of her home. She was impressed at the response time of the company, and she was happy that the MarketPro Homebuyers team member assigned to her case was happy to serve her. She felt cared for and appreciated during her time of need. When he came to her house, MarketPro Homebuyers assured her that he would take care of everything. For the first time in a while, everything started falling into place, and she started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Helping Others in Their Times of Need

After experiencing a true tragedy, one woman had a reason to look forward to beginning her new life – with just a little bit of help of MarketPro Homebuyers. She used the proceeds of the sale to begin anew somewhere else. And thanks to the fact that we always close on our sellers’ timelines, she was happy to be on her way even quicker than she had expected.

Within two weeks, she was able to reset and start a new chapter of her life. While she is still devastated by the loss of her husband, she is happy for her new chapter and is thankful for the savings she has in the bank from selling her home to MarketPro.

This brave and resilient woman was impressed with how easy and pleasant it was selling her first home, and so will you. MarketPro Homebuyers is here to make you feel comfortable, and we can help you transform tragedy into a happier experience. We ensure that everything will be taken care of, we’ll even help you find your new place and move all of your stuff! If you or someone you know wants to sell their home but needs an alternative to traditional listings, contact us today.

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