6-Month Plan to Sell Your Home

If you’re thinking of selling your home, don’t wait until the last minute for repairs, updates, and sale prep. Instead, start now and do something every month so your home is ready to go when that listing date rolls around.

At MarketPro Homebuyers, we know exactly what goes into prepping a home for sale. You can use this 6-month plan and adapt it to your own situation to get your home market-ready with less stress. Don’t forget to check out our final tip that could allow you to bypass all of these steps and sell this month.

6 months out: Strategize and plan.

Use this first month to get your strategy and plan solid. This will be a long process. You’ll want to do the following:

  • Gather information on your local real estate market and get a ballpark idea of your listing price. Check into what updates might increase your sales price. (You can do this yourself or a real estate agent can do it for you.)
  • Get a pre-sale inspection. Not everyone does this, but we highly recommend it. You want to address potential deal breakers before they become a problem, and while you have the time and budget to deal with them. Don’t go into the sale not knowing what your potential buyers will find at their own inspection!
  • Review your lists of repairs and potential updates and decide what’s realistic and beneficial.

5 months out: Start major repairs.

The projects to start first would be anything involving your home’s major systems and structure; think foundation, roof, electric, plumbing, and HVAC. Unless you happen to be an expert in one of these areas, you’ll be hiring someone. Ask around to find a trustworthy contractor.

4 months out: Deep clean and declutter.

At this stage, you want to get as much out of your house as you can. Sell, donate, recycle, or throw away absolutely everything you don’t want to keep. If you have a lot of stuff you want to keep but won’t need in the next few months, you may consider getting a storage unit and starting to move things there.

Getting this done early will really lower your stress level as you get closer to the listing date, and you may even find some additional small repairs to add to your list as you go through the house.

3 months out: Work on minor repairs and updates.

Now that you’ve finished major repairs and gone through the house thoroughly, it’s time to start your smaller repairs.

This might involve refinishing hardwood floors, painting cabinets, updating lighting, getting new appliances, or refreshing walls with light and neutral paint. Make sure you put in new light bulbs where needed, fix that running toilet, and get that sliding closet door back on its track.

The exterior will also need your attention! Sweep the gutters, clean your siding, mow the lawn, and put new flowers in if it’s the right season. Buyers like to see that a home is well-maintained, inside and out.

2 months out: Pack!

You might have packed some things before, but now it’s time to get serious. If you did get a storage unit, move everything out except what you absolutely need to live or to stage your home. If you don’t have a storage unit, try asking a family member or friend if you can store things at their house. At the very least, if you have to keep boxes in your home, make sure they’re out of the way and neatly arranged.

1 month out: It’s time for the final touches.

You should now have a house that feels organized and spacious. All your repairs should be done and everything should be functional. Everything you don’t need in the next month or two should be packed up and hopefully out of the house.

Use this last month for your final touches. Deep clean the carpets. Hire someone to stage your home or do it yourself. Hire a professional photographer so potential buyers fall in love with the listing at first sight.

It’s time to start keeping things perfectly clean and organized at all times so that your home is always ready for a potential buyer!

MarketPro Homebuyers:

If prepping your house for sale sounds stressful or exhausting to you, know that there’s a better way to sell your home.

With MarketPro Homebuyers, you can cut out the time and expense of repairs and other home prep. We buy as-is, whether your home needs major or minor repairs. If you’re concerned this won’t get you the full value of your home, our team will put your mind at ease. We’ll walk you through the comparison of selling your home on the open market vs. selling to MarketPro.

If you’re in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, or Florida , we’d love to show you how stress-free the sales process can be. You can sell your home with no real estate agent fees, no repairs, no inspection, no open houses, and a fast closing! Contact us today for a cash offer.

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