Seniors Selling or Downsizing – Tips

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Considering Downsizing and Worried About Selling Your Old House? Growing older has some unique perks, and  probably ranking at the top is the wisdom of doing less and enjoying more. As we look toward our golden years, that wisdom often tells us we no longer want as much house to maintain and might want to […]

Are “We Buy Houses in Washington, DC” Companies Trustworthy?


When driving around DC’s neighborhoods, you might have seen signs or flyers stating “We buy houses in Washington DC!” or something to that effect. They might also say “Cash for your house!” or “Washington DC cash buyers!” But are these companies legitimate and trustworthy? We’ll guide you through the steps to finding out whether your […]

Try These Smart Financing Strategies for Your Investment Property in DC

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Don’t Try to Make a Small Down Payment It might be tempting to keep more cash in your wallet by making a small down payment, but when it comes to an investment property, this isn’t a great idea. Your lender probably won’t even let you take out a loan with a small down payment on […]