Inheriting a House? Explore Your Options.

If you’ve recently inherited a house, you’ve likely been running over the options in your head. Should you keep the house? Should you sell it? Whether you’re the only heir or one of several heirs, it’s good to consider all your options. This can be a confusing and emotional time, and it’s not always easy […]

Sell that Inherited House and Buy a Vacation Home

Do you want long days on the lake? Hikes in the woods? A place with a view that is out of this world, or maybe out of this country? If you’ve dreamed of owning a vacation home, you probably have a specific vision in mind. Selling an inherited house can bring that vacation home dream […]

Should I Sell My Inherited House?

You’ve just inherited a house; what next? Do you want to move in? Rent it out? Sell it? Keeping, renting, or selling an inherited house is a very personal decision with multiple factors to consider. At MarketPro Homebuyers, we’ve talked a lot of customers through this decision. We’d like to share some tips to help […]

Sell an Inherited House Fast

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Inheriting a house inevitably comes with a mix of emotions – whether it’s a surprise windfall, a sad reminder of a lost loved one, or an unwelcome financial burden. As the estate’s benefactor, you have the option of keeping the home or selling it. With so much to take into consideration, it’s no surprise that […]

Selling an Inherited Home: 5 Reasons to Sell Now

Get a fair offer for your home

  An inherited home can be a blessing for some and a source of inconvenience for others.  Once you’ve figured out the financial implications of selling your inherited home, you may decide that putting it on the market is the best choice.  Even so, many homeowners find themselves in a holding pattern. The market may […]

What to Do When You Inherit a Property

If your parents have recently passed away and you’ve inherited their real estate property, you have some big decisions ahead. These decisions are made even trickier if the property was left to you and your siblings. How can you come to a decision that works for everyone involved? Here are some helpful, basic tips for […]