Why Real Estate Is a Smart Investment Now

With the housing marking being hot for so long and interest rates on the rise, do you think real estate is still a smart investment? Do you think that home ownership can still benefit you in the long run? If your answer is yes, you’re in good company. In their most recent annual survey, Gallup […]

Are All-Cash Offers Still Happening in 2022?

During the last couple of years in real estate, all-cash offers experienced a boost in popularity. The market was on fire, and cash was sometimes necessary to win. If you’re considering buying or selling a home in 2022, you might be wondering how hot the market is now and whether or not cash offers are […]

Use Home Price Appreciation to Your Benefit

Home price appreciation has been a hot topic in recent years. If you’re already a homeowner, you likely see price appreciation as a good thing; if you’re a potential buyer, you might have a more negative view on the topic. It’s never too late to start benefiting from real estate appreciation, though! Here’s how you […]