Transparent Pricing

See how we stack up against traditional home selling

MarketPro Vs Realtor (Example $200,000 Home)

Selling to MarketPro

Net Cash to Seller


Traditional offer

Net Cash to Seller


* The above example is based on average seller experiences with MarketPro and is not representative of the exact fees you would pay in either selling through MarketPro or listing your home the traditional way.

What Else Makes Us different?


We close quickly and pay cash

Because we purchase your home for cash, there are no banks, inspectors, mortgage companies, or other people to drag out the closing process. You can choose the closing date that works best for your unique situation.


We tailor the experience to you

Other companies will buy properties as-is and pay in cash. But unlike many others, we are straightforward, honest, and offer a personalized experience to each customer. Honesty and integrity have been the keys to our success, and you’ll notice the difference.


We offer maximum flexibility

We work personally with you to meet YOUR needs. We offer extra support and flexibility to make your experience as stress-free as possible. This is a big part of the reason why our customers trust us and often recommend us to friends and family.


We Offer Transparent Pricing

We provide each seller with a written comparison of how much money they will walk away with in each case. That isn’t the case with real estate agents.


No legal work, no inspections, no hassle

When you work with us, you won’t have a mountain of confusing paperwork to fill out or inspections to worry about. Instead, you get the peace of mind that comes with selling without hassle. It couldn’t be easier!

The Easier, Non-Traditional Way

Why Choose Us?

We will buy your house as-is, without the headaches and costs associated with traditional home selling. We will work with you to get top dollar for your house (post traditional expenses) while allowing you to close quicker and skip the messy paperwork. We provide you complete transparency along the way and only charge a 4.9% service fee (roughly 20% less than a realtor).

The Real Cost of Selling your home

Realtor Fees & Closing Costs
Seller Concessions & Overlap Ownership Costs
Repair Costs (As-Is Home – Poor/Fair Condition)
Estimated Total Expenses (Poor – Fair Conditioned House)

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Exactly the Experience I Wanted”I thank you all for your honesty and integrity during this transaction, for delivering on what you promised, and for making this entire transaction a very smooth process.

– Jan W. Read More”I Applaud This Company”I applaud this company for investing in my grandmother estate,they purchased her house as is, no hassle no strings attached ! They were beyond helpful, very professional, honest and genuine!

Yolanda CRead More”Thank You MarketPro Homebuyers!”This group of professionals made this process so easy. Friendly, knowledgable, willing to answer any questions I came up with, and there were many. Thank you MarketPro Homebuyers!

-Sandra CRead More

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