A Note to Investors

MarketPro is Here to Stay

Valued Investors

We want you to know that you are in good hands with us.   We are here to help you as you are planning your strategy during this unprecedented time. We continue to add properties to our portfolio to ensure you have options.

New Inventory

In the coming months there will be an influx of inventory on the market.  We are actively working with our investors to help them and recommend the following advice or thoughts while looking at planning your six to twelve-month strategy for buying, renovating, and selling investment properties.

Things to Remember

  1. Do not run your business from a fear-based standpoint.  Revise your budgets, evaluate your inventory and create a sound strategy for your existing pipeline
  2. When the dust settles, we all need a business to return to. Do not stop your business.  Ensure that you have a profitable pipeline . Look at your revenue for the third and fourth quarter now.
  3. Line up your liquidity now. Prepare to access and align with as much money as you possibly can whether that be through an IRA account, private lenders or cash reserves. Talk to everyone in your network and consider partnering with other investors on deals.
  4. Evaluate and plan for how many houses can you afford to purchase over the next 60 days.
  5. We have inventory for you to look at. Study the photos and video, visit the houses where possible, and fill your pipeline so 2020 can still be a profitable year.


The coming months will offer more opportunity to buy and we want to help so you don’t miss the wave on the way up. 

If you are actively looking for investment properties right now please reach out to Lisa at 301 337-4704 and leave a message with what your buying criteria is.   


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