Three Ways You Can Use Your Home Equity

One of the many benefits of owning a home is building equity. When home prices are rising, your home becomes an automatic savings account. If you’ve owned your home for a few years, you likely have significant equity—even if your home is distressed. Equity grows over time as you pay down your loan while your […]

Cooler Weather, Hot Market: Why This Fall is a Great Time to Sell

Typically, the housing market cools with the weather. The spring and summer are usually peak times for home sales, and things are slower in the fall and winter. This year, though, the situation is different! Let’s look at what makes this fall a particularly good time to sell your home. Reason 1: Better weather. It’s […]

An Update on Interest Rates

Real estate values and trends depend on a lot of factors. But in the last few years the historically low and then historically high interest rates have caused the biggest shifts in the market. This is why we have been providing regular blog updates on the market and the impact of interest rates. Understanding the […]

Reasons Your Home May Not Be Selling

When you’re selling your home, you want a fast, easy sale—for a good price. And you want to sell into a strong market. The good news is that it is a seller’s market right now. Inventory is limited and it’s giving sellers a pricing edge. However, not all homes are selling quickly, and we’ve assembled […]

What You Should Know About Selling an Inherited House

Selling an inherited house can be complicated. We’re not lawyers, but we’ve walked a lot of families through this process and we understand the decisions to be made. Here are some key issues to consider when selling an inherited house: The probate process: Even if you’re familiar with probate, it’s helpful to get a baseline […]

The Customer Experience: MarketPro Homebuyers Reviews

At MarketPro Homebuyers, we love that we can provide a fast, cash sale with no commissions or closing costs. That’s not all though—we also take great pride in providing an excellent customer experience. Our team guides our customers through the whole process, helping in any way necessary to make it easy and stress-free. At MarketPro, […]

Are Home Prices Rising or Falling?

Are home prices rising or falling? If you’re thinking about selling your house, it’s important to know if the market is working in your favor or not. The media coverage can be a bit confusing, as two different outlets will put out seemingly conflicting information on the same day. There’s a reason for this, though: […]

The Market Continues to Favor Certain Sellers

The real estate market is constantly changing; it can be difficult to track everything going on! We put together this market update so that you can get the basics all in one place. Here’s what’s happening: Mortgage rates are still high. Mortgage rates recently hit a high for 2023, at a 6.81% average for 30-year […]

Are All-Cash Offers Still Happening in 2023?

The past couple of years saw a rise in all-cash offers on homes. The market was hot, and cash was often necessary to win. Now, in 2023, we’re in a much different market. If you’re looking for your next home, you may be wondering: are all-cash offers still winning? Do you need to be prepared […]

Summer Selling Tips

Summer is a great time to sell a house. With so many daylight hours remaining after work, people are eager to get out and look for their dream home! It’s also the perfect time of year to showcase some of the best features of your home. If you’re planning to sell this summer, here are […]