The Realities of Modern-Day Redlining

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The United States has made substantial efforts to eliminate racial discrimination in housing and mortgage lending over the last fifty years, the stains of historical segregation continues to mark our institutions. The effect of redlining real estate, a once-prevalent type of racial discrimination in housing, can still be seen in major cities across the nation. […]

Selling Your Rental Property – When is the Best Time

Sell My Rental Property Fast

You own several rental properties as investments through ups and downs in the housing market. When you meet with your financial advisor, you always discuss whether to sell or hold onto those properties. Things have changed with your situation and you’re thinking about getting out. When to Consider Selling You’re moving out of the area […]

Finding a Buyer for a Tenant-Occupied Property: Yes, It’s Possible!

You need to sell your rental property as soon as possible, but there’s a snag: It’s occupied by tenants. That might seem like bad news. However, it’s totally possible to find a buyer for a tenant-occupied property. Here’s how. Built trust and transparency with your tenant. A tenant can make it hard to sell your […]

5 Reasons You Might Want to Sell That Investment Property

Are you a Maryland, Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, or Florida real estate investor? If so, we’re sure you know the thrill of buying a new property to add to your real estate investment portfolio! It’s a great new opportunity to learn new things, use your hard-earned skills, and embark on an adventure that helps […]

How to Increase Rental Property Value (for Your Tenants and Yourself)

If you’re planning to buy and hold rental properties in DC, Northern Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, or Florida, you are probably looking for ways to increase rental property value— allowing you to get the most out of your property while keeping your tenants happy. If you can get high-quality tenants fast and provide an excellent rental […]

Simplifying Your Life and Selling Your Rental Property

Being a landlord can be a wonderful experience. You get extra cashflow, you get to invest your money in a way that can truly benefit other people, and it can even be fun. But what should you do if it starts feeling like a chore? What if you want to free up capital to use […]