Need to Relocate? Sell Your House Quickly.

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One of the top reasons why people need to sell their homes quickly is because they need to relocate. There are numerous government and military employers and employees in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania area, which usually calls for relocation to the area. Other life changes also dictate relocation. Downsizing for retirement, moving someplace […]

Seniors Selling or Downsizing – Tips

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Considering Downsizing and Worried About Selling Your Old House? Growing older has some unique perks, and  probably ranking at the top is the wisdom of doing less and enjoying more. As we look toward our golden years, that wisdom often tells us we no longer want as much house to maintain and might want to […]

Relocating and Selling Your Home in Maryland

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Relocating is complicated, even in the best of cases. As local Maryland real estate professionals, we’ve met hundreds of people who need to move out of town, whether it’s to pursue a job, be closer to family, or retire to a sunnier locale. You have to find a new place to live, whether you’re relocating […]

How to Sell Your Home—in All Four Seasons!

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You might hear that your home is more likely to sell at one time of the year or another. Here are the pros and cons of selling in each season. Selling Your Home in the Summer Selling your home during the summer months? This may be a good time of year to sell because with […]

How to Increase Rental Property Value (for Your Tenants and Yourself)

If you’re planning to buy and hold rental properties in DC, Northern Virginia, or Maryland, you are probably looking for ways to increase rental property value— allowing you to get the most out of your property while keeping your tenants happy. If you can get high-quality tenants fast and provide an excellent rental experience to […]

Downsizing Made Easy: How to Reduce Your “Stuff” Without the Struggle

At MarketPro, we often work with retirees who are downsizing to a smaller home after retirement. Now that their kids have moved out and they’re no longer working full time, they’re free to live a different lifestyle—whether that means moving to a beachside residence, traveling the country, or taking more time for their hobbies. In […]