When is The Best Time to Sell Your Home?

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you may be wondering about timing. When is the best time to sell? There are a lot of factors to consider. You can look at what the market has done this spring and where mortgage rates are today. You can check what the Fed is doing regarding rate […]

Inflation and Mortgage Rates

What’s new in mortgage news? We recently looked at the Fed’s May decision and how that affected rates and the real estate market. To get a better idea of the situation, let’s take a look at what inflation has been doing and what that means for you. There are steps you can take when buying […]

Should Your Next Home Be a Condo?

If you’re looking to buy a house but getting frustrated at the lack of inventory, maybe it’s time to get creative! Have you considered buying a condo for your next home? While condos aren’t the right fit for every person or family, it’s worth considering whether or not they’re right for your situation. If you’ve […]

How to Maximize a Downsize

Downsizing is often thought of as something retirees do, but that’s no longer the whole story. Many younger people are choosing to downsize to save money on housing, cut down on upkeep, or prioritize location—to name a few reasons. Let’s look at these benefits of downsizing, whether or not it’s for you, and how to […]