Harness ALL of the Equity in Your Home

If you want to sell your home but don’t have the cash needed for repairs, you may have considered a cash-out loan. Why not refinance and get extra money out when that money will be going back into your house? Surely you’ll get it back when you sell… right? Unfortunately, the answer is often no. […]

Ready for a Change?

If you own an older home, you might find yourself scrolling through new and updated homes on Zillow, drooling over current trends. You might ask yourself “will someone just buy my property so I can get an updated home?” We understand: There’s definitely a lot to love about current housing trends. Whether you’re a casual […]

When to Get Rid of a Rental Property

Do you have a rental property you’re thinking of selling? No matter your particular situation, deciding when to get rid of a rental property is tough. We’d love to help you with your decision. Here are 5 situations where it might make sense to get rid of a rental property: Situation 1: Repairs are outweighing […]

Should You Rent Out Your House or Sell It?

You’re buying a new home. What do you do with your current home? Either renting it out or selling it could be profitable, and it isn’t easy deciding which option is best. At MarketPro Homebuyers, we buy houses in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania. We’re experts in this area, and we put together this […]