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MarketPro has been a trusted industry leader for over a decade. We offer an alternative for someone who needs to sell a distressed property or someone who is dealing with a health, financial or life situation that causes them to need to sell easily, quickly and hassle-free. We buy as-is for cash, close on their timeline and the closing date can be flexible or changed at any time. The property does not need appraisals, inspections, renovations or repairs and we handle the clean out of the property if needed. Packing, moving and donation services are included for sellers.

When we meet with a potential client, we go over all options for a transparent understanding of what you would receive with a cash offer vs. the traditional sales model. Our buying specialists will show line-by-line how we arrive at our offer, using current and accurate neighborhood comps, and why we may be the best fit. Our goal is to help others and to make sure that we’re a solution that makes good sense for a prospective seller.

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